12 September 2017 12:30



In aid of Arun & Chichester, Havant and Central & South Sussex

Citizens’ Advice Bureaux and Sussex Legal Services 

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The West and South Sussex and Havant contain some of the poorest districts in the South of England. There are many people facing severe problems with homelessness, debt, lack of community care and all the issues that surround poverty. Families and vulnerable individuals are particularly at risk in all these areas.

The advice agencies supported by the walk are the only advice services available for many of those people. This problem has increased since 2013 when legal aid was scrapped for much poverty related law.

The poorest and most vulnerable in our community are the people who suffer the most from scarce and inaccessible legal advice services. Don’t let them face this alone.


The Route 

The 10k walk takes place on Tuesday 12th of September at 5:30pm

It starts and ends at the Fountain pub in South Street. To see the map click HERE.


Why are we walking?

Together with Citizens Advice we are campaigning for the government to pause the roll-out of Universal Credit and fix 3 significant problems. You can read the full report here. 

Universal Credit is due to be fully rolled out in our area in April 2018 and we estimate that 26,000 Arun and Chichester households will be claiming it. This will have a serious effect on our service, as many are likely to require assistance either in claiming it or resolving issues such as delays, recovery of advance payments and not having money to afford the call to the Universal Credit helpline. 


If the government does not stop the roll-out we need to prepare for it!


Any money raised through the legal walk will go towards strengthening our welfare benefit team by upskilling our current form fillers and training more so that we can deal with the demand and also increase the likelihood of the client getting the right award, first time without any unnecessary delay.

Please support our walkers as generously as you are able

Many thanks for your support