Don’t become one of 800 victims of scams in West Sussex this year!
17 July 2017 12:24

Courtesy of the Chichester Observer

Advice and help to spot a potential con is available during Scams Awareness Month in July. Not only does the victim lose hundreds, often thousands of pounds, they can be left feeling vulnerable and scared in their own home.

Scams come in many forms – from bogus workmen knocking on the door, to email frauds and cold calling thieves – and, perhaps surprisingly, it’s not only the elderly who are preyed on. An estimated 3.6 million scams and fraud cases have occurred across the UK this year – and West Sussex is no exception. More than 800 cases of actual and attempted scams have been reported to West Sussex Trading Standards since July 1, 2016, West Sussex County Council said. This came at a cost of £383,000 to residents.

In that period, an additional 125 doorstep incidents saw residents scammed out of a further £85,000.Throughout the whole of July, it is Scams Awareness Month, a national campaign set up to raise awareness and help reduce the impact of scams through the provision of advice and support.

Arun and Chichester Citizens Advice is working in partnership with West Sussex Trading Standards to try to stop people of all ages being conned out of their cash.It is being supported by a huge range of bodies, including Sussex Police, both Chichester and Arun district Councils and West Sussex County Council. Carol Groves, Chief Executive of Arun and Chichester Citizens Advice, said: “Scams unfortunately are with us throughout the year and we need to stay alert. “Criminals try and exploit us all whether by cold calling at the front door, through the telephone, by text, on the internet or social media.”

This year, four main themes have been identified: The ‘life established’ (week one, Monday, July 3)‘Young people’ (week two, Monday, July 10)‘The socially isolated’ (week three, Monday, July 17)‘Over 70s’ (week 4, Monday, July 24).