Introduction to the Citizens Advice

  • UK’s largest advice charity
  • 6.6 million advice issues dealt with
  • 2.1 million individual clients advised
  • 338 Citizens Advice members in England and Wales
  • 3,300 locations where the service provides free and independent service
  • 22,000 people are volunteers who work for the Citizens Advice service
  • 6,000 people are paid staff

About Arun & Chichester Citizens Advice

Arun & Chichester Citizens Advice is an independent charity (Registration number: 1099640) and a member of the National Association of Citizens Advice. We provide information and advice to solve your problems in regards to the following:

*and many more


Our aims

  • To provide the advice people need for the problems they face
  • To improve the policies and practices that affect people’s lives

Our values

To focus on customers, achieve results, continuously improve, promote equality and fairness, value each other and work together.

Our principles

The advice is to everyone regardless of race, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation or religion.

  • Independent – We will always act in the interests of our clients, without influence from any outside bodies.
  • Impartial – We don’t judge our clients or make assumptions about them. Our service is open to everyone, and we treat everyone equally.
  • Confidential – We won’t pass anything on a client tells us – or even the fact they have visited, without permission.
  • Free – no one has to pay for any part of the service we provide.