Report Hate Crime

True Vision can give you information about hate crime or incidents and how to report them. Scroll down for the link

What are hate incidents?

A hate incident is an act of violence or hostility directed at people because of who they are or who someone thinks they are. The police and Crown Prosecution Service have agreed a common definition of hate incidents. They say something is a hate incident if the victim or anyone else think it was motivated by hostility or prejudice based on one of the following things:

  • disability
  • race
  • religion
  • transgender identity
  • sexual orientation

We are a hate crime reporting centre

We have been a hate crime reporting centre for a number of years. We teamed up with Sussex Police as part of continuing drive to increase the awareness and reporting of hate crime.

Staff at the Bognor, Chichester and Littlehampton centres have attended hate crime awareness sessions, led by the force hate crime sergeant, Peter Allan. The sessions covered: what a hate crime is, how to report, what happens after the report has been made and the input victims have in that process.

"Not everyone recognises when they have been a victim of hate crime. I am sure that this pilot with the Citizens Advice Arun & Chichester will enhance the support they already provide to their many clients, and through that we will be able to support victims and hold perpetrators to account, for what is the most personal of crimes" - Chief Inspector Pip Taylor, Arun District Commander.

Our staff are now better able to recognise when a client, who may have contacted the centre for a totally separate reason, has been the victim of a hate crime. Staff will, if the client requests, be able to report the incident on their behalf or support them while they make the report.

Reporting to the police using the True Vision website

Click here to report a hate incident or crime on the True Vision website

Reporting makes a difference – to you, your friends and your community. By reporting hate crime when it happens, you can help stop it happening to someone else. You will also help the police to better understand the level of hate crime in your local area, and improve the way they respond to it.