BREAKING NEWS: Coronavirus Update 30.12.2020
30 December 2020 18:01

Below are the key highlights from today's Coronavirus Update made by the Prime Minister. COVID19 cases are rising across the country, it's important that we all follow the rules in your tier to help curb the spread of the virus.

🚨 As of midnight tonight, nearly all of England will be in tier 3 or tier 4 - the toughest of the Coronavirus Restrictions following a recorded 981 death in the past 24 hours

😔 75% of England will move into tier 4 from Midnight tonight.

📗 Secondary schools & Colleges in England to reopen on January 18

📕 Most primary schools in England to reopen as planned on January 4

😢 UK record 50,023 CASES & 981 DEATHS in the past 24 hours.

💉 #COVID19: Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine has now been approved for use in UK

👋🏻 MPs vote to back post-Brexit EUUK trade deal by 521-73

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  • Concerned about your mortgage or Fearing being evicted?
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  • Fearing about your financial future or want to know what benefits are available?

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