Citizens advice centre set to reopen in Bognor Regis
18 May 2021 07:00

(Courtesy of Bognor Regis Observer)
The Arun & Chichester Citizens Advice team said in-person services for the digitally excluded will be on Tuesdays from 10am to 1pm at the Town Hall in Clarence Road.
“We will be restarting and reopening our in-person advice services which will help us to reconnect with those past clients, and new, who cannot find a way forward via our regular channels,” CEO Luca Badioli said.
“To help our volunteers and manage expectations – use this service if you/your client are digitally excluded or unable to access our freephone advice.”
Steps two and three include the reopening of services within Chichester and Littlehampton and will be announced in the near future, dependent on a number of factors such as recent local and national data on Covid19, government guidelines and restrictions, demand, staffing, and the success of Bognor reopening.
The Bognor Centre is keeping visitors safe with an entry system, staff training, track & trace, sanitisation stations, regular cleaning, social distancing measures, PPE provisions and continue online and telephone services.
Those who can access services via online web chat and/or via telephone 0808 278 7969 are requested to do so until further notice.
Luca said: “Our Roadmap will enable the return of our in-person services, whilst protecting clients, staff, and volunteers that are within the vulnerable groups or looking after anyone within those groups.
“As in 2020 should any changes be made to government guidelines due to Covid-19 we will be able to quickly move back to the current home working service.”