Coronavirus and Lockdown – what does it mean to you?
01 January 0001 00:00

  • You may be feeling confused about furlough?
  • Scared of the impact of self-isolation or caring for someone alone?
  • Uncertain if you’re self-employed or where you stand as a student?
  • Anxious about redundancy or unsure of your rights?
  • Concerned about your mortgage or Fearing being evicted?
  • Struggling to pay debts or stressed about winter energy bills?
  • Forced to cancel a holiday or help with EU settlement scheme
  • Fearing about your financial future or want to know what benefits are available?


 Whatever it is – will help you find a way forward.


Between March and September 2020, Arun & Chichester Citizens Advice, dealt with over 6,300 inquiries. And, in just 6 months, the charity’s online and via telephone advisers have helped thousands in Bognor, Littlehampton, Arundel, and the surrounding areas, and their clients financially benefitted by over £1.4million from the advice and assistance provided to them.


Our trained team of volunteers, and staff, are here to support you, online and by telephone. You are not alone. #WeAreCitizensAdvice.


Luca Badioli

CEO, Arun & Chichester Citizens Advice


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