Debt Awareness Week 2021
01 January 0001 00:00

What's it about?

First launched in 2014, Debt Awareness Week is an annual campaign by Step Change Debt Charity to open up the conversation around debt and encourage people who need help or advice to seek it out.

Whether you need free advice about your debt problem, some support with tackling a persistent debt, or are worried about the impact of coronavirus on your finances; we want them you know that free help is available - you just have to take #TheFirstStep

You may feel that there are barriers to seeking support, such as feeling embarrassed about your debts or not knowing how to open up to your friends, family or creditors about your situation. We'll show you you can overcome these barriers and get help to start resolving your debt problem. 

When is it happening?

The campaign runs from 22-28 March 2021 and we'll be highlighting the campaign messages across our website, social media and through Partnership activity.

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