Emergency Fuel Voucher Scheme
16 March 2020 10:30

Are you a Sussex resident?

Do you have a prepayment meter?

You may be entitled to an emergency fuel voucher

Emergency fuel vouchers are available to residents in the whole of Sussex (East & West, as well as Brighton and Hove). Get in touch with your local Citizens Advice to find out if you're eligible for a voucher.

Eligibility Criteria: 


The fuel voucher scheme is for those with prepayment meters facing financial crisis and vulnerable, e.g. disabled; young children in household; carer. You will be asked to provide some evidence of your crisis (ie: bank statement).

Full criteria below: 

  • If you’re on a means-tested benefit or awaiting a benefit decision, or; 
  • If you have limited income and no recourse to public funds, or;
  • If you have no other way of obtaining funds, e.g. funds needed to pay rent arrears to avoid homelessness

And you’re vulnerable for one of the following reasons: 

  • Have a disability, or; 
  • Are a carer to a child or disabled person, or are pregnant or;
  • Are of pension age and frail, or;
  • Have recently been housed following homelessness, or;
  • Have recently released from an institution such as prison or hospital, or;
  • Are at risk of becoming homeless, or;
  • Are fleeing domestic abuse, or;
  • Are self-isolating or shielding inline with government guidance

 During the Coronavirus outbreak, you should contact your nearest Citizens Advice by telephone. Find out details of your nearest centre here