Brexit Transition

Time is running out - as of 1 January 2021 there are new rules for British Citizens, businesses, and those wishing to stay in the UK. 


Are You/ Family/ Friends/ Employees Ready?

It's important that we are all ready for the changes ahead as everyone can be affected. 

CLICK HERE  to see if you're ready with the online 'Brexit checker' (government website) 

Below we have compiled some resources that will hopefully help provide you with the information you may need. Alternatively, contact our team for free, independent, confidential, and impartial advice online or call 0808 278 7969 (Mon to Fri 9am - 4:30pm) or request an appointment using this formWe can provide an interpreter if you need one.


Staying In The UK If You're From The EU

If you’re an EU, EEA, or Swiss citizen, you and your family must apply to the 'EU Settlement Scheme' to continue living in the UK after 30 June 2021. 

Successful applicants will be given either settled or pre-settled status. It's important that you check to see if you are eligible to apply as those who don't apply by this deadline, when they should have, will no longer be living in the country legally.


Criteria for later deadlines and ‘reasonable grounds’ for not applying by the deadline

In some cases, you can still apply after 30 June 2021 deadline.

For example, if you’re joining a family member who was living in the UK by 31 December 2020, your deadline will be based on when you arrive in the UK, as long as:

  • you were their family member by 31 December 2020 (this does not apply to children born or adopted after this date)
  • the family relationship still exists when you apply

You can also apply if you can show ‘reasonable grounds’ (such as medical reasons, or being the victim of domestic abuse) for why you did not apply by 30 June 2021.

Check if you can still apply to the EU Settlement Scheme, including further examples of what counts as reasonable grounds for not applying by the deadline.

How to Apply

The EU Settlement Scheme is free and you can apply now.

  • You usually have to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme online. There are a few situations when you must use a paper form.
  • You don't need to be in the UK to apply, however, you must have started living in the UK on 31 December 2020.
  • Before you start, gather everything you need 

If you are unsure about whether you should apply or need assistance, you can call us on 0808 278 7969 (Mon to Fri 9am - 4:30pm) or request an appointment using this formWe can provide an interpreter if you need one.


More information 


The EEA includes the EU countries and also Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway.The government also offers a guide in 26 European languages.

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